We have been at the forefront of leading great innovations in our industry. With over 30 years’ experience, we have consistently maintained an operating philosophy that resonates with our customers. Our pedigree in the business has made us enjoy many rave reviews and testimonials. We have a well worked system that aligns to the contemporary needs and changes that play out in our market.
We supply injection molding machines and capital equipment for the plastic industry. We also service the equipment supplied by our very professional personnel. We help our customers with the best solutions for their business such as:
Selecting the correct machinery for the products they need to manufacture.
Providing cost effective solutions for their machines.
Giving technical support and advice for their business.
We provide quick response to their needs and requirements.
Having a great variety of suppliers that serve their needs.
We specialize in people who manufacture car parts for the automotive industry. Our precision in delivering choice products is born of our commitment to give our customers true value for each investment made. Our dynamism has enabled us to spread our technical knowledge from Curtain hooks to portable toilets and much more.
It is our resolve to lead our field that has made us build systems that would support your business. We have invested in machines, professional training and other related matters to ensure we give you the best customer experience. Our technical back up and support in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town is iconic.
This makes us well versed in handling both old and new machines without sweat.
We are excited to use our platform to create very engaging experiences for our customers. We have a free consultation platform that is open to those who reach out to us via telephone or mail.
Our commitment to create huge wins for our customers makes us stand out from the competition. It is our quest to keep serving you in unique ways that make us the leading name in our field. Do talk with us today.
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Annette Varrie